Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Character introduction (Mercenaries)

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Greil Mercenaries

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Leader of the Greil Mercenaries. Crimea's national hero who commanded the Crimean army and brought them victory in the Mad King's War. When the Laguz go to war against Begnion, he agrees to join Gallia's forces.
Ike's younger sister, who worries often about her reckless brother. Like her mother Elena, she possesses a great deal of Order and can wield Lehran's medallion without being harmed. As well as healing, she can now fight with swords.
A veteran member of the Greil Mercenaries and the deputy commander of the group. She joined the group along with Greil, and stayed even after his death. She believes her duty is to look after Ike and the others.
The group's skilled tactician. A taciturn and blunt figure, with much knowledge and an astounding stratagem. From a young age, he was helped by Ike and, since then, has put all of his trust into him.
The eldest of the three brothers, which is comprised of Boyd, Rolf and himself. A serious person who can remain calm in tight situations. He left his post at the Crimean army to support his brothers and was later hired by Greil.
The middle sibling of the three brothers. A strong warrior who has a frank and straightforward personality. Although he often quarrels with his siblings, he cares for them deeply. He and Mist are also quite close.
The youngest of the three brothers. Despite his young appearance, he acts very maturely. Originally he was taught the skills of archery by Shinon so that he could be of some use to the group.
Shinon A senior member of the group, who yearns for his former leader, Greil. His mouth is hoarse and his attitude is left to be desired, but his archery skill is unmatched. He also shows a dislike to Laguz... and Ike.
An armoured knight and a senior member of the group, alongside Shinon. He has a jolly personality and is a bit of a womaniser. He and Shinon are good partners and often operate together.
The group's cleric. He has a weak body and has received medicinal treatment for a long time. An easy-going character, although he is fainthearted and easily gets flustered. He is also largely ignorant of the outside world.
A recent recruit to the group. A Crimean mercenary who was hired by Greil in the Mad King's War. A carefree and bright character. She trains regularly and is confident about her skill with the sword.


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A work contractor, known as the "Fireman", who demands money for his work. In the previous game he held a contract to Greil and, Greil's son, Ike. This time he is contracted to Crimea's Count Bastian.