Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Character introduction (Begnion Empire)

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Imperial Senate

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The ruling Empress and Apostle of Begnion. Despite her young age, she has a high intellect and possesses a sharp manner of speech. When Begnion falls under the senate's control, she escapes and joins the Laguz alliance army.
Duke Persis and the prime minister of Begnion. He is loved and supported by both commoners and nobles, and has Sanaki's full trust. He is imprisoned by the senate when they seize control of Begnion.
Duke Numida. Member of the Begnion senate, and the one responsible for the garrison situated at Daein. Because of his own selfish interests, he allowed the garrison to perform numerous illegal actions at Daein.
Duke Gaddos and vice-minister of Begnion. A powerful member of the senate who takes control of Begnion, when Sanaki and Sephiran are absent. He encourages the Beorc-Laguz war and tricks Daein into fighting for Begnion.
Duke Culbert. He controls the senate along with Lekain. In the Beorc-Laguz war he gives Zelgius full control over the pursuit unit and wishes to see the destruction of the Laguz. He has an overly narcississtic personality.
Duke Asmin. A fainthearted member of the senate who follows Lekain and opposes the Apostle's group, although he realises his own foolishness of doing so. He rescued and cared for Rafiel before the Serenes Massacre.
Duke Tanas. He was involved in Laguz slavery and defeated by the Greil Mercenaries. Afterwards he was rescued by the senate and lived in secrecy at the dukedom of Tanas. A lover and researcher of beauty.
Count Kadohl, and a subordinate of the senate. A famed general who commands the central troops, which protect the imperial capital. However as the Beorc-Laguz war breaks out, he is ordered to command in the frontlines.
Captain of Begnion's holy guard, and bodyguard to Apostle Sanaki. A skilled warrior for her age, who worries often about the Apostle. Her loyalty to Sanaki is strong, as she cared for her since she was a child.
Vice-captain of Begnion's holy guard. A honest and loyal knight, who has her full trust in Sanaki. Amongst her subordinates, she has a reputation for being a strict and feared officer.


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Leader of the Laguz emancipation army. A cheery character who, in the previous war, found a good friend in Sothe and became Calill's student. By Empress Sanaki's orders, he heads to Daein on a mission.
Deputy leader of the Laguz emancipation army, and Tormod's foster parent. He was originally a Begnion aristocrat's slave. Along with Tormod, he supports the fight for the liberation of Daein.
Vika Member of the Laguz emancipation army, operating along with Tormod and Muarim. She was originally a Laguz slave before being rescued by Tormod and the others.
Stefan A master swordfighter who resides in a hidden and remote village in the Grann desert. Like most of the citizens in the village, he is Branded- one who bears the mark of Beorc and Laguz interbreeding.