Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Character introduction (Spoilers)

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The captain of the Daein army, who is revered as a saviour by the citizens of Daein. She defeated the Begnion occupation army and restored Daein's throne. Her greatest secret is that she bears the mark of the Branded.
? Yune
The Goddess of Chaos, who was sealed within Lehran's medallion. She is commonly called the "Dark God"--a name that she despises. After being released from the medallion she often possesses Micaiah to communicate to the others.
The Hero of the Blue Flames, who received Yune's blessing to become a Vanguard. He fights with the divine sword Ragnell--a Begnion treasure given to him by Sanaki, which he first obtained from the Black Knight.
Micaiah's companion, who supports her, both morally and in battle, and is determined to protect her no matter the cost. In order to protect Micaiah more efficiently, he received Yune's blessing to become a Whisper.
Yune's vessel, who received Yune's powers to become a Priestess. Evident from her ability to sing the galldr of release, her true identity is Sanaki's elder sister, who was thought to have died, and the successor to Apostle Misaha.
Three years ago, he was assumed to have died in battle against Daein. Against the odds, he survived, but fell foul to the mind-warping elixir and became Bertram, one of Daein's Four Riders. However he was later rescued by Bastian, his loyal subordinate.
A heroic Begnion general who once trained under Daein's general Gawain. He is a Branded, swearing loyalty to Sephiran. In the Guiding Tower, his identity as the Black Knight is revealed and he duels with Ike one last time.
Member of the Heron clan, trusted by Goddess Ashunera, and husband of the first Queen of Begnion, Altina. As Sephiran, he attempts to wake up the sleeping Ashera, to destroy the world that he believes cannot be saved.
The Goddess of Order, worshipped by the Begnion Empire. 800 years ago she went into a deep sleep, set to wake up in a thousand years time to judge the world. However she was prematurely woken up by Sephiran's actions.
The maiden who created life on this world. She lived together with the Zunanma, the ancestors of the Beorc and Laguz, who called her the "Goddess of Dawn". After the Great Flood she split up into two halves--Ashera and Yune.