Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Hints and secrets

Credits: FE10 walkthrough Wiki, Valhalla

Heron abilities

Auto: Vigor- lets ally move after ending their turn
Level 15: Bliss- raises ally's Biorhythm to High
Level 15~20: Sorrow- drops enemy's Biorhythm to Low
Level 30: Valor- raises ally's transform gauge to maximum
Level 40: Recovery- Fully recovers ally's HP and condition

Untransformed: Affects 4 adjacent allies, 5 Move
Transformed: Affects 4 adjacent allies, 5 Move
No Canto

Untransformed: Affects 2 adjacent allies, 5 Move
Transformed: Affects 2 adjacent allies, 6 Move
(Either top and bottom characters or left and right characters)
Has Canto

Untransformed: Affects 1 adjacent ally, 6 Move
Transformed: Affects 4 adjacent allies, 8 Move
Has Canto

Triangle Attack

Marcia, Tanith, Sigrun and Elincia can perform this special attack by surrounding an enemy from three sides and attacking. Note that only three characters can participate (hence a Triangle Attack).

Oscar (as a Silver Knight), Boyd and Rolf can also perform a Triangle Attack, by moving in the formation below and attacking with a bow or crossbow.

Brother's Triangle Attack
(Formation can be rotated)

Special promotions

A few characters cannot promote normally, instead they are automatically promoted in events.
In the Japanese version, Mist needs a Holy Crown to promote. This can be found from an Info conversation in Part 4 Chapter 1.

Additional opening scenes

After reaching a certain point in the game, the opening demo will be updated with additional short movies including Ike vs Black Knight, Greil mercenaries artwork (Mist, Soren and Titania) and lone Ike.

SS Rank weapons

Unlike in Path of Radiance, you can get them all!
Game completion extras

1) Extras
Initially only unlocked songs can be viewed, but after 3 playthroughs all songs will can be viewed regardless of whether they were unlocked or not.

2) Hard mode
3) Additional class profiles
4) New settings
2nd playthrough events

These only appear if you start a new game by loading Clear Data.

1) Recruit Pelleas
2) Recruit Lehran
3) Soren Base conversation
4) Soren Epilogue scene