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7th August 2008

Official release

The game has now been officially released in Japan.

Fire Emblem DS Background

The official Fire Emblem World site has added a new section, which covers background information on the game. Currently there are two page up: World view & Story and Downloads. There is a Chapter Guide planned, as well as an unknown page.

4th August 2008

Official site update

Updates include the official arts seen in the Shounen Jump scan, and two new Topics about rental units and the online shop.

Wi-Fi battle video

The official Fire Emblem World site has added a video showing a whole multiplayer battle. Apparently they're readying the Fire Emblem DS Background pages as well.

1st August 2008

Shounen Jump scan

In the latest issue, official arts of Chiki, Garnef, Camus and Nina were revealed for the first time (scan). Otherwise there's no real new information.

31st July 2008


The Touch-DS.jp site (Japanese) has updated with a second commercial for the game (which only differs very slightly from the first), as well as a five page interview with some of the game staff. The interview also contains a few short movies, which demonstrate discussed concepts.

30th July 2008

Famitsu review

The Japanese magazine awarded the game a score of 9, 8, 8, 9 (34 out of 40). (Source, credits to 2chan)

Japanese official site updated 3

The official site has updated again, with a surprising amount of new information, including details on Classes and the Multiplayer mode.

23rd July 2008

Nintendo Channel

A demo video, which introduces the many concepts of the game, and commercial have been released on the Japanese Nintendo Channel. The videos can also be found here at Youtube (credits to sra1123).

Japanese official site updated 2

The official site has updated again- this time with new official artworks of Oguma and Linda.

18th July 2008

Japanese official site updated

Updates for the official site include "What should we do now?" (a brief quiz on gameplay mechanics) and three entries in the Topics page.

10th July 2008

Famitsu scans

New information includes the confirmation of Prologue and Sidequest chapters, as well as a Class Swap feature that allows players to directly change a character's class. (Scans: Page 1, Page 2)

9th July 2008

Character illustrator

The official Fire Emblem World site has revealed renowned manga artist Masamune Shirow as the game's character illustrator.

8th July 2008

Japanese official site opened

With approximately one month left to the game's Japanese release, the official site for this game has opened. Currently the only available sections are: Beginner's Guide (which has some interesting movies), Story and Characters. Sections to come include System, Communication (i.e Wireless/Wi-Fi) and Topics.

4th July 2008

Shounen Jump scan

In the latest issue, Marth and Sheeda's official arts were revealed for the first time (scan). Otherwise there's no new information.

30th June 2008

Japanese boxart revealed

An image of the game's boxart. has been released by Amazon Japan.

12th June 2008

Famitsu scans

The Japanese publication's latest issue has a feature on the game (scans: Page 1, Page 2). There's no real new information, but there are several new screenshots. The news from 29th May has basically been re-confirmed, and the age rating appears to be "for all ages".

29th May 2008

Commercial information

New information has surfaced from Japanese online stores, such as Ami Ami.
  • There will be over 20 character classes, such as Armor Knight, Pegasus Knight and Priest.
  • Players can use the touch screen or buttons to control the game.
  • Wi-Fi and wireless play are both possible. In these modes, players can form 5 character parties to do battle in exclusive battle maps.
  • Number of players is 1~2.
28th May 2008

Fire Emblem World news

The official Japanese Fire Emblem World site has updated with new information about the game, including a confirmed title - Shin Ankoku Ryuu to Hikari no Ken (lit: New Dark Dragon and Sword of Light) - and a release date of 7th August 2008 (in Japan). Also, Wi-Fi compatability has been re-confirmed.

11th January 2008

Possible identity?

The Japan Patent Office recently had a new registered trademark listed, which was Dark Dragon and Sword of Light (more accurately 暗黒竜と光の剣), registered by Nintendo. (Source)

This may be further evidence that this game will be a remake of Fire Emblem 1 only. However it should be noted that Dark Dragon and Sword of Light was never trademarked originally.

10th October 2007

Fire Emblem 1 remake

The game has been confirmed to be a remake of Dark Dragon and Sword or Light, the very first Fire Emblem game. (Source)

The game is expected to be released some time in 2008, and features Wi-Fi play. Players can battle other players online using characters that they raised themselves or "Rental" characters.

9th October 2007

Fire Emblem DS

A Fire Emblem game on the DS has been confirmed at Nintendo's Autumn Conference. (Source)

According to Gemaga, a video montage of DS games was shown, with Fire Emblem amongst them. (Source)

More details are expected soon.