Fire Emblem: Awakening
Information (Updated: 14th April 2012)

Basic information

Title: Fire Emblem: Kakusei (lit. Awakening)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
No. of players: 1~2
Communications: Local Play, Internet, StreetPass, SpotPass
Release dates: 19th April 2012 (Japan), 2012 (Europe)
Official sites: Japanese
  • Brand new game, not a remake!
  • My Unit--create your own customisable main character.
  • Changing classes--choose from two upgraded classes when promoting units or switch to a completely different class.
  • "Dual" system--a new feature where a support character has a chance of performing a team-up attack or defensive manoeuvre.
  • World map--enter battles and stock up inventories at your leisure.
  • Special Skills--fine-tune your characters and turn the tide of battle with various character Skills.
  • A setting for everyone--Lunatic difficulty for loonies and Casual mode for light users.
  • Marriage--Make playable characters get married and have children.
  • First Fire Emblem title to offer paid downloadable content, in the form of new maps and episodes and characters from previous titles.

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Official site & Famitsu (12th April)


Nintendo is offering a Fire Emblem: Awakening "music selection" CD, containing 20 songs (for a duration of 64 minutes), as a Club Nintendo reward for 400 points. People who've purchased a copy of Awakening can register their copy by 21st October to purchase the CD for a discounted 250 points.

Additionally, to complete yesterday's video, a detailed class list has been added. For details, please check the Classes page.

As for Famitsu:
Famitsu review (11th April)

Awakening received a 9/9/9/9 (36/40) score from Famitsu, making it one of the highest rated Fire Emblem games, tied with Mystery of the Emblem and Sword of Seals. What did the reviewers have to say?

"The basics are the same, but a lot of refinements have been made, so the game feels fresh to play. The Dual system, which lets nearby characters provide support in battle, enhances the game's strategic aspect and is a nice touch. Long-time fans will love the large amount of content and the communication features further prolong the game's life."

"The character designs are love-or-hate. The various game systems will make players feel satisfied. The Dual system adds a new layer of strategy. Casual mode is nice."

"The Double system, which allows two characters to combine as a pair, greatly increases the strategic aspect. Support relationships between units grow as they become closer, but there's also room for self-imposed challenges. You can enjoy the game fine without worrying about details regarding battles and movement."

"The story is straightforward and easy to understand. Beginners and advanced players can customise the difficulty, to create a pleasant playing experience. The gameplay is easy to pick up and there's no stress at all. The Dual system makes the relationships between allies more fun."

(Thanks to TheEnd for clarifying some key points)


Nintendo Channel (11th April)

Today's focus is on unit classes. Further details can be found in the Classes page.


Downloadable Content (10th April)

The first set of paid downloadable content, allows players to recruit "Marth from Another World" upon completion of the map. It will be available from the game's release date of 19th April 2012 and can be purchased for free until 31st May 2012--afterwards, it will cost 300 Yen. Senri Kita, the character illustrator for Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, provides a new piece of artwork for this alternate universe Marth.

screenshot Another Story: Spirit Talisman 1
Krom finds himself lost in another world, where he meets an ageing fortune teller who can use talismans to summon lost spirits. When a battle breaks out, the fortune teller aids Krom by summoning...?
Reward: Hero King Marth's Talisman
Difficulty: 1 star

Jump information (7th April)

Just a new character profile, of an important villain.

screenshot Fauder
A warlock who wields dark magic. He is the leader of the Evil Dragon-worshipping Gimle Cult.

Official site & Famitsu information (5th April)

From the official site:

screenshot Valhart
A conqueror who dominated the Continent of Varm by force. He hates losing and turning his back to an enemy over all things. Although he oppresses all who oppose him, he possesses the charisma required to rule a nation.
screenshot Tiki
A divine dragon who has existed since the era of legends. The divine dragon-worshipping nation of Varm revere her as the "Divine Dragon Priestess". Although usually calm, she shows signs of being a little girl on rare occasions.

(Credits to TheEnd for the profile translations)

On the Famitsu side of things:

Nintendo Channel & official site (4th April)

From Nintendo Channel:


Finally, as promised, the second part of the Iwata Asks interview was added to the official site.

Official site & Famitsu information (29th March)

Fresh from the official site:

screenshot Tiamo
A member of Iris's Pegasus Knight squad. A close friend of Sumia since their childhood, she's a genius who carries out most tasks flawlessly. She hides forbidden feelings towards a certain person. Her class is Pegasus Knight.
screenshot Anna
The mysterious travelling merchant. As one would expect from a merchant, she's friendly and polite. She loves gold and rich customers. Her class is Trickster.

(Credits to TheEnd for the profile translations)

From Famitsu:


Nintendo Channel information (28th March)
Official site revisited (22nd March)

screenshot Basilio
The Western King of the militant nation of Feria, he respects those with valour. He often acts and speaks in a silly way, but possesses the strength befitting of his position.
screenshot Flavia
Basilio's counterpart, the Eastern Queen of Feria. A brave, heroic and strong-minded woman. She and Basilio are rivals.
screenshot Velvet
A beast warrior not tied to any kingdom. The last surviving member of the Taguels, a race able to shape-shift into rabbits. A cool woman with a strong sense of duty. Her class is Taguel.
screenshot Viole
A noble from some country. While he acts friendly, his words and actions make his grace and refinement somewhat clear. His class is Archer.

(Credits to TheEnd for the translations)

Official site & Famitsu information 4 (22nd March)

On the Famitsu side of things:


Meanwhile, the official site has updated with a video showcasing the game's story and animation, the first part of an "Iwata Asks" interview and two new Nintendo points card designs (technically only one of them is new, since the other was already revealed during Nintendo Direct).

The interview is light on concrete details about the game, but includes plenty of interesting tidbits about the game's development.

The next part of the interview is scheduled to be added during the first week of April.

Official site & Famitsu information 3 (15th March)

On the official site side of things:

screenshot Vake
A Fighter who serves the vigilante force. He is Krom's childhood friend and the two sort of have a bond between them.
A member of the vigilante force and Liz's best friend. She is the daughter of an influential noble family within the Holy Kingdom of Iris. She has a proud and domineering personality, but is sweet to her friends. Her class is Troubadour.

Via Famitsu:

(Credits to TheEnd for the translations)

Nintendo Channel information (14th March)


See also: previous section on Communication details.

(Credits to TheEnd for the translations)

Return of Marth (9th March)

The latest issue of Jump confirms that the mysterious masked character is Marth, the main character of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, or at least that's who he claims to be.

People across the lands are being attacked by undead soldiers who spawn from floating magic circles. Krom finds himself in a tricky battle with the demonic foes, but is rescued by a mysterious swordsman who purports to be Marth. Could he really be the Marth?

screenshot Marth
A swordsman who claims to be Marth, the Hero King of legends. He wields a sword that's similar to Krom's treasured sword, Falchion.

Famitsu information 2 (7th March)


In the world of Awakening, there is a legend about the Divine Dragon Naga, who protects mankind, and the Evil Dragon Gimle, who wishes for mankind's destruction. The story begins in the Holy Kingdom of Iris, a nation ruled by the descendants of the Holy King who vanquished the Evil Dragon with the Divine Dragon's strength.

To the west of Iris lies the nation of Perezia, where the followers of the Evil Dragon and Iris's sworn enemy, the Gimle Cult, have gathered, leading to increasing tension between the two nations. The militant nation of Feria is located north of both Perezia and Iris. Across the ocean, to the far west is a mystery continent, which bears an uncanny resemblance to the continent of Barensia from Gaiden.


screenshot Emelina
Krom and Liz's elder sister, the current ruler and "Holy King" of the Holy Kingdom of Iris. She is said to be a peace-loving and kind-hearted queen.
screenshot Frederick
A knight serving the Holy Kingdom of Iris. He supports Krom as his deputy in the vigilante force. His class is Great Knight, a promoted unit who fights on a horse. Calm and collected, Frederick is a veteran who prefers guiding others and a great asset against powerful foes.
screenshot Sumia
A member of the vigilante force. She is a klutz and feels that she isn't up to the job because of it. Possesses the mysterious ability to understand the feelings of animals. Her class is Pegasus Knight; her mobility on a pegasus is her selling point.
screenshot Callum
An armoured Knight who serves the vigilante force. He is a front-line fighter, due to his great defence. However, he's sorely lacking in presence and isn't noticed even among his fighting peers. Will he ever make it into the spotlight...?
screenshot Ronku
A Myrmidon from the Kingdom of Feria, located to the north of Iris. He is a man with a cool personality, and keeps his feelings to himself. His skill with the sword is undeniable, but for some reason, the same can't be said about his interactions with women. How he joins Krom's group is still unknown.

(Credits to TheEnd for the profile translations)


The branching promotion system, from The Sacred Stones, makes a return. Like in that game, units can promote to one of two upgraded classes when they have accumulated enough experience. Cavaliers can promote to the mobile and magic-resistant Paladin or the axe-wielding and sturdy Great Knight, like Frederick. Meanwhile, Clerics, such as Liz, can promote to the axe-wielding Battle Cleric or the offensive magic-wielding Sage. Units can promote when they're Level 10 or above by using a Master Seal item.

Communication tidbits? (2nd March)

Nintendo hasn't officially mentioned any details about the game's Communication functions, but it seems Game Star, a Japanese retailer, knows a few things that we don't.

I probably wouldn't put down this info as 100% confirmed just yet and it's all extremely vague anyway, but here you go:

(Credits to TheEnd for the translations)

Special Pack (1st March)


A limited edition Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle, containing a copy of the game, a Fire Emblem: Awakening-themed Nintendo 3DS console and pre-paid points card, will be available exclusively through Nintendo of Japan's online store. See here for images.

Nintendo Direct information (22nd March)

Famitsu information (16th February)

screenshot Krom
The descendant of the Holy King who saved the world from the Evil Dragon. When the neighbouring nation of Perezia begins acting suspiciously, Krom commands the vigilante force to keep his country at peace. Krom is skilled with swords and wields his nation's treasured sword "Falchion" in battle. He is a man with a strong sense of justice and a crucial member of his squad.
screenshot My Unit
At the beginning of the story, Krom and Liz discover My Unit unconscious on the ground. It appears My Unit has lost their memory, but, to Krom's surprise, he/she know his name for some reason. Krom and Liz welcome My Unit into their vigilante force and he/she serves as their tactician. Their class is "Strategist", a unit well versed with swords and magic tomes.
screenshot Liz
Krom's sister and the princess of the Holy Kingdom of Iris. She is a member of Krom's vigilante force and a staff-wielding Cleric. She aids Krom in battle and has an important presence on the field. Although she appears to be naive of worldly goings-ons and sometimes acts like a spoilt princess, she is kind at heart. In the dialogue scenes, she exhibits a bright personality and, like Krom, a strong sense of justice.
Story hints? (10th February)

Looking closely at the game's logo, a piece of English text can be seen:

"Two sleeping dragons--one a sacred ally of mankind, the other its sworn destroyer. Two heroes marked with the symbols of the dragons. Their meeting heralds the dragons' awakening--and the world's ending."

This text seems to hint at the importance of the "Awakening" phrase in the game's title, as well as the mysterious mark on Krom's arm. Additionally, the story about the two dragons sounds suspiciously similar to something from Archanean lore, although Intelligent Systems does have a history of reusing ideas from previous FE stories.

My Unit, World Map, Dual System and etc.

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