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Smash Brethren 1 + SpotPass schedule (13th March 2013)

Yesterday, I mentioned the possibility of a second DLC episode coming out this Thursday, but totally dismissed the idea.

Well, what do you know, another one is coming out tomorrow!

Smash Brethren 1 sees Chrom land in the middle of a battle between the forces of Elibe and Tellius and allows players to recruit Elincia from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. The episode costs $3.00 by itself or, alternatively, players can purchase the Smash pack, which contains all 3 Smash Brethren episodes, for a discounted price of $6.50. (Source)

Additionally, Nintendo has issued a press release about the upcoming maps available from SpotPass. If you've been following this site or been around the Awakening community, none of this information should be surprising to you. However, in case you're not aware...

SpotPass maps are paralogues that can be accessed from the world map, after completing the penultimate chapter. Currently there are two SpotPass maps out: "The Dead King's Lament" and "Irreconcilable Paths". Besides these two maps, there are four more yet to be released (on alternating Thursdays, starting from 14th March), starting with "A Hard Miracle".

Confusingly, Nintendo claims that "A Hard Miracle" is out today, but in all likelihood (judging by the schedule up to now), it's probably out tomorrow.

Lost Bloodlines 3 (12th March 2013)

Nintendo of America has informed fans that the next DLC episode, Lost Bloodlines 3, will be released on 14th March (Source).

This episode concludes the Archanea and Jugdrali Einherjar arc and allows players to recruit Seliph from Genealogy of the Holy War, as well as obtain the Paragon Skill, which doubles gained experience.

I should mention that last week, Nintendo only mentioned that Lost Bloodlines 2 was releasing that week; however, when the time of release came, another episode, Infinite Regalia, was also available.

So if we're very lucky, maybe we'll also get Smash Brethren 1 or something. Personally, I'm not expecting two maps this week though!

European character spotlights (11th March 2013)

In a similar fashion to Nintendo of America's character spotlights, Nintendo of Europe (or UK at least) is spotlighting the various Fire Emblem: Awakening characters on their Nintendo 3DS Facebook page.

Since I already covered the North American spotlights, I don't plan to cover all of these ones. However, I'll just mention the first one.

(Click image to enlarge)


"Appearing as a masked knight, Marth carries the legendary Falchion sword and appears out of nowhere to save Chrom and the other Shepherds." (Source)

Two observations:

Firstly, NOE has chosen Marth as their first character, while NOA chose Chrom. Secondly, the image quality is significantly better in NOE's images, which I'm very glad about!

Original Soundtrack track list (10th March 2013)

This was posted almost a month ago, but better late than never right?

(Click to enlarge)

Symphony No.5, who are involved with the Fire Emblem: Awakening Official Soundtrack, published a detailed summary of contents back when the soundtrack was formally announced.

This includes the full track list, which I've rewritten in English here. Special thanks to Quick for helping me with some quotes!

Of note, the soundtrack also includes a couple of extra tracks not featured in the in-game Sound Test, such as songs that play in the animation movies and the DLC scenarios.

DLC Redemption (7th March 2013)

I'm not sure if Nintendo heard the complaints, but either way two DLC episodes were released today: Lost Bloodlines 2 and Infinite Regalia. I know some fans were pining about them earlier!

As well as featuring in Lost Bloodlines 2, the Gaiden legacy characters are now available via SpotPass too. Here are the new names, collected by Shadow Stalker X.

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Quick Slash

Official site update + continent research (6th March 2013)

I almost missed this, but the official site has updated the Downloads section and, I'll admit, I'm rather impressed!

The last time I checked, there were only 2 wallpapers/timeline covers and 1 set of icons/profile pictures; now there are 4 more wallpapers/timeline covers and 2 extra sets of icons/profile pictures.

Of note, the new wallpapers use artworks that previously weren't available in high quality. Thanks, NOA!

On another note, it's no secret that I love geeking about the most obscure Fire Emblem things.

This time, I've been looking into the three ominous landmasses poking at the very edges of Awakening's world map. Thanks to a tip from Fëanen and the power of shadowofchaos's capture card, I believe I've solved the mystery of the identity of all three continents.

A fair warning: the answer might not be as interesting as you were expecting...

Lost Bloodlines 2 + final Fire Emblem Friday (6th March 2013)

Disappointed with last week's (lack of) DLC?

Then you may be relieved that Lost Bloodlines 2 has been confirmed for this Thursday. This DLC episode allows you recruit Alm and obtain the male-only Dread Fighter class.

For some strange reason, it seems Nintendo has region-locked the Facebook post containing the announcement, so I can't actually see it without fans quoting it. Seriously, region-locked posts?

Also, a message to Fire Emblem fans around the New York area: the Nintendo World Store is holding its (possibly) final Fire Emblem event on Friday 8th March 2013. For details, please check the event page. If anyone who reads this site is going, I'd love to hear a report about the event!

(Image credits to StreetPass NYC)

Sadly, I'm nowhere near New York or even America. But given the chance, I'd definitely like to meet other Fire Emblem fans in the flesh : )

Week 5 DLC and SpotPass (28th February 2013)

Rather disappointingly, there is no new DLC released today.

Well, EXPonential Growth is now out, but players who purchased the Golden Pack could already play it last week. Given that Nintendo's latest press release specifically mentions that EXPonential Growth is out today, it's possible the early release was a mistake.

Also, a reminder: the free period for the DLC episode Champions of Yore 1 is almost over! Anybody who still hasn't downloaded it for free has until 5th March before it becomes paid content.

On the SpotPass front, you can now recruit Shadow Dragon characters and access Paralogue 19: Irreconcilable Paths.

Additionally, the official site has added a new downloads section, featuring exclusive wallpapers, icons and Facebook stuff.

North American DLC trailer (25th February 2013)

The Fire Emblem: Awakening official site has added a new trailer (at the very bottom) detailing the entire Series 1 set of DLC.

Personally I'm kind of dubious about the reliability of the trailer, when they misspell Celica as Cecilia, but most of the details should be fairly safe.

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Demon Fighter
Dread Fighter
Light versus Dark
Rogues and Redeemers
Red versus Blue
Smash Brethren
Limit Breaker
Limit Break *

* According to the promotional materials; Limit Breaker in the actual game.

Lost Bloodlines DLC + final class chart (21st February 2013)


Strangely, another DLC episode EXPonential Growth is out today. According to players, this episode cannot be purchased from the Outrealm Gate yet, but is available if your purchased the Golden Pack.

Anyway, now that Lost Bloodlines 1 is out, we've got some new official names for various Archanea and Jugdral characters. Special thanks to Shadow Stalker X for compiling the new names!

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Skasaher Ulster
Sety Ced
Aless Ares
Altenna Altena
Yurius Julius
Evayle (Eyvel) Eyvel
Levin (Levn)
Dagda (Dagdar) Dagdar
Lachesis (Rackesis) Raquesis Cyas Saias
Leidrick Raydrik
Lakche Larcei

Nintendo of America has teased the next DLC episode slightly ahead of time.

Lost Bloodlines 1, which releases later today, allows you to recruit Leif from Thracia 776. The map costs $3.00 by itself, which is slightly more expensive than prior maps. However, you can also purchase the Lost Bloodlines Pack, containing all three maps, for a discounted $6.00.

Additionally, the third and apparently final class chart has been added.

Soundtrack update + assorted bonus stuff 2 (19th February 2013)

Famitsu has posted a report about the upcoming Fire Emblem: Awakening Original Soundtrack.

Product Info
  • Title: Fire Emblem: Awakening Original Soundtrack
  • Artist: V.A
  • Release date: 27th March 2013
  • Price: 3,980 Yen (approx. 44 USD or 28 GBP)
  • ID number: TSCM-0008~12
  • JAN code: 4531894514527
  • Label: Symphony No.5
  • Publisher: Tablier Communications inc.
  • Distributor: Sony Music Distribution inc.

4x 12 inch CDs + 1x data CD
3 sided Digipak + transparent case + 24 page booklet

According to the report, the OST includes 93 tracks (1 more than previously reported); disks 1 to 4 contain 24, 20, 23 and 26 tracks respectively.

Meanwhile the elusive data disk contains the full voice track, various sound effects, a HD version of the game's opening movie, plus a piano score for "You may call me Marth."

On the North American side, Nintendo has added the second class chart (there should be one more to come) to their 3DS Facebook page.

Additionally, many North American Awakening players have probably received the exclusive Fire Emblem: Awakening Swapnote stationary by now (image below).

(Image credits to shadowofchaos)

I don't have many stationary myself, so I don't know what region gets what, but it's pretty interesting that the North American design is very different to the Japanese one. I wonder if Europeans will get another design?

Finally, I'd like to publically announce that The Heroes of Shadow are working on translating various Fire Emblem: Awakening bonus materials. This includes the official comic published in the Nintendo Dream magazine. At the moment, we've just started and we're in the middle of organising various things, so there'll probably be a formal announcement further down the road.

European media + assorted bonus stuff (17th February 2013)

Apologies If I'm ever late with North American or European news. Japanese news I'm getting the hang of, but I'm not too familiar with where to look for occidental news!

Nintendo of Europe has added a product description for Awakening, which confirms that the game will contain English, French, German, Italian and Spanish text. Also, it appears Casual Mode has been renamed "Newcomer Mode".

Additionally, I've uploaded better quality images of the European game box and 3DS XL bundle, which you can find below.

European box

European bundle

Source: Amazon UK, Official Nintendo Magazine

Now, if you don't mind, I'll be moving onto some slightly random stuff for today!

I realise the game's been out for ages, but I've been hooked on Pullblox recently (or Pushmo if you live in North America). If any Pullblox/Pusho fans fancy climbing up Serenes Forest's emblem or Olivia's map sprite, then please scan the QR code images below!

Serenes Forest


Next up, I recently received a bunch of Awakening deco stickers from an awesome online friend. I don't intend on physically parting with the stickers, but I figured some people might be interested in some scans.
















Tiki and Nowi

Finally, something that I thought was really cool...

Awakening fan Airship Cannon noticed that ancient Tellius text, which appears in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, can be found surrounding the game's various magical spells (see topic).

In particular, the text is apparently most clear during Valflame's animation (shown above; image credits to shadowofchaos).

For those curious about what the text says: sadly, it appears to be just garble and is the same text that appears alongside Radiant Dawn's spell animations (texture A | texture B).

Personally I think the fact they reused the ancient text is pretty darn cool. Although I do wonder if there's any special meaning behind this or whether the developers were just lazy. If the ancient text was reused on purpose, it would imply that Awakening's (and Jugdral's) magic originated from Tellius, which would make sense given that the Tellius games are probably the earliest ones chronologically.

Teaser + official site observations + other (15th February 2013)

This is still in the early stages, but two Olivia fans might be working on...

In official news, I was too excited about the European news yesterday that I overlooked a couple of things.

If you check the official site, you can now find voice samples in the characters section, plus two originally-hidden-but-now-viewable characters (one who's a spoiler), as well as an update to the SpotPass and DLC schedule.

To be honest, I'm slightly disappointed that the site's schedule is one week behind. For instance, the DLC page has only just added Champions of Yore 2, when you can go out and buy Champions of Yore 3! Although, I suppose it's more fun to discover the new DLC yourself, rather than from the site. Also, whoever updated the Champions of Yore 2 description really needs to use a spell checker!

Oh wait, I'm not done yet?

(Click image to load site)

Oh yeah, of course, the results of Nintendo of America's pairing polls are in and, perhaps not unexpected, Chrom's ideal partner was Sumia and vice versa! For reference, Chrom's poll had 1134 comments, while Sumia's poll had 598 comments, at the time of writing.

Finally, just in case you thought Fire Emblem: Awakening wasn't brilliant, Nintendo has uploaded a special accolades trailer here.

European Redemption + DLC announcements (14th February 2013)

In their latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo of Europe announced that Fire Emblem: Awakening will be releasing on 19th April 2013 (a full year behind the Japanese release).

To make up for the delay, Nintendo also revealed an exclusive limited edition hardware bundle for Europe featuring a Fire Emblem: Awakening themed Nintendo 3DS XL (and not the regular model like in other territories).

(Click images to enlarge)

Furthermore, fans were promised all the DLC that Japan received.

A minor observation: "Xenologue" (the prefix for DLC episodes) was renamed "Outrealm Tales".

On the North American side, Nintendo shared details about the upcoming DLC.

Today, players can purchase two episodes: Champions of Yore 3 and The Golden Gaffe. The latter is part of the "Golden Pack", which also contains the "EXPonential Growth" and "Infinite Regalia" episodes.

North American fans should also keep an eye out for a special Swapnote message...

Valentine's Day cards (14th February 2013)

Courtesy of Nintendo of America.

(Click image to load site)

I have... no comments X D

Sumia's best husband + Nintendo Direct (13th February 2013)

Personally I think this is rather short notice, but Nintendo of America has added another pairing poll, this time for Sumia.

(Click image to load site)

Like before, the results will be posted on Valentine's Day (tomorrow).

For reference, the previous poll has over a thousand comments at the time of writing.

In other news, Nintendo is holding another Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow. At the very least, hopefully Nintendo of Europe will announce a full release date for Fire Emblem: Awakening and maybe even the Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle! *Crosses fingers*

Chrom's best wife? (12th February 2013)

Nintendo of America has posted a poll on their Nintendo 3DS Facebook page, allowing fans to vote for their favourite wife for Chrom.

(Click image to load site)

The results will be posted on Valentine's Day. Unfortunately, female Avatar didn't make the cut and neither did the generic village girl, but it's going to be interesting to know what fans think.

Alternatively, we also have a similar poll on our forums!

10 million hits + final character spotlight (12th February 2013)

This is kind of a weird place to mention it, but this site--Serenes Forest--crossed 10 million unique visitors some time yesterday!

I'd like to give a hearty thanks to everyone for visiting this site and encouraging others to do the same. For a long time, I never imagined the site would ever reach 10 millions hits--for reference, this site reached 1 million hits back in August 2008 and it was created during 2005.

Sadly, I've been too caught up with Awakening updates and other stuff, so I haven't prepared anything cool to celebrate this milestone. However, I did grab a chart of the site's activity for the past year.

The spike at April 2012 was due to the Japanese release of Awakening, while the massive spike towards the far right of the chart is due to the North American release.

In terms of numbers, this time last year, the average number of unique visitors was in the range of 4 to 5,000. After the Japanese release of Awakening, this number shot up to 9 to 10,000 (although this increase may also be due to more frequently placed counters on the Awakening pages). This week, it's in the range of 40 to 50,000! Needless to say, the North American release has really boosted the traffic of this site : )

In real Awakening news, the official site still hasn't updated with Champions of Yore 2, so that just leaves the final character spotlight!

(Click image to enlarge)


"An unforgiving man who forged the Valmese Empire. He hates cowards and believe the only way to unite the world is through absolute power." (Source)

This also pretty much concludes Nintendo's extensive Awakening advertising on their Facebook, although I guess there's still the DLC announcements and the two class charts they promised us!

Fire Emblem: Awakening figures (10th February 2013)

Okay, now the cycle is complete.

At the winter Wonder Festival 2013, Max Factory revealed two Fire Emblem: Awakening figures, of Marth and Tharja. Currently, there aren't any details about the Marth figure, other than it will be a figma. However a prototype of the Tharja figure was on display (see image below or check out Inside's gallery).

(Click image to enlarge)

According the information card beside it, the Tharja figure is 1/8 scale and sculptured by Shining Wizard; a release date or a price has not been shared yet.

Soundtrack cover + spotlight 22 (9th February 2013)

Amazon Japan has uploaded the cover of the upcoming Fire Emblem: Awakening Original Soundtrack, which releases on 27th March (may contain spoilers).

(Click image to enlarge)

Yusuke Kozaki, who illustrated the cover, tweeted that the cover art we see is actually not complete; the full artwork is divided into three pages (only the first has been revealed), so you'll have to wait until the soundtrack's out if you want to see it in full! Special thanks to shadowofchaos for clarifying his remark.

Meanwhile, the latest character in the spotlight, following in Gangrel's footsteps, is...

(Click image to enlarge)


"A cunning vixen who uses her beauty to lead men to ruin." (Source)

Week 2 of DLC/SpotPass + spotlight 21 (7th February 2013)

Slightly earlier than I expected, the second DLC episode Champions of Yore 2 is now out.

Interestingly, there's also a "Champions Pack", which allows you to purchase all three Champions of Yore maps for a discounted price of $4.00. Currently the third map has yet to be released; owners of the Champions Pack can view the map in the Outrealm Gate, but cannot play it until it's released.

On the SpotPass front, you can now start recruiting characters from The Sacred Stones. If you "missed" any of the previous Fire Emblem (GBA) characters, you can now summon any of them at will too.

Anyway, it would seem the "secret" SpotPass schedule was a red herring, which perhaps isn't all too surprising, if I had noticed earlier that it was more or less the Japanese schedule..!

Finally, if you missed it, the most recent character in the spotlight was...

(Click image to enlarge)


"A wild and ruthless king of Plegia who once took sick pleasure in hurting others." (Source)

Official site updated (4th February 2013)

The Fire Emblem: Awakening official site has updated!

(Click image to load site)

The previously locked pages, "Gameplay" and "Connect & Download", are now available to view. Additionally, Nintendo of America has even added profiles for characters not featured on the Japanese site, which is very cool of them!

Because I was feeling a bit sneaky, I poked around the source code a bit and found some interesting details...

On the SpotPass front, it seems the available content will include (opens a new window)...

I'm too busy to thoroughly check the DLC page, but I did notice a weird dummied out entry for "Enchanted Seal of the Netherworld", which is apparently released on 4th June 2013. Actually, now that I think about it, it's a (somewhat strange) translation of the first DLC series "Other-world Talismans".

Awakening North American/Canadian release + spotlight 20 (4th February 2013)

Today's the day many of you have been waiting for: Fire Emblem: Awakening is now out (officially) in North America and Canada!

Sadly, for some people the "now out" has become "not out", as many stores apparently still aren't certain as to when they'll have copies to sell, most likely due to the huge demand for the game.

However, if you haven't pre-ordered the game (or are thinking of cancelling your pre-order), don't forget you can also purchase a digital version of the game from Nintendo's eShop (clicking on the link I provided should send you to a page with a QR code for the game's eShop page).

In any case, to celebrate the game's release, I think I'll link to a pretty nifty piece of artwork drawn by official artist Yusuke Kozaki, which he posted on his Twitter nearly a year ago (if you dig around, you can find a couple of more Awakening doodles, but do be wary of spoilers).

(Click image to enlarge)

My Japanese knowledge isn't that great and some of the text is a bit too squiggly for me to read but, if I had to guess, Lissa is probably complaining about her brother's playing style, while Chrom's like "Shut up! I can do it! Oh wait, I died!?"

In other news, though the game is out now, Nintendo of America hasn't stopped with their character spotlights just yet! In the spotlight today is...

(Click image to enlarge)


"The voice of the divine dragon. Being a dragonkin means she has lived since days of yore and was friends with the Hero-King, Marth." (Source)

Iwata Asks + DLC footage (2nd February 2013)

The translated Iwata Asks interview for Fire Emblem: Awakening is now up! I already briefly talked about the interview here and here, so I won't bother repeating here. I do recommend reading the actual interview though, because it is rather interesting and amusing.

(Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ)

If you haven't read them before, I also recommend checking out the Iwata Asks interview for Heroes of Light and Shadow. (I was going to link to the Shadow Dragon one too, but it seems Nintendo took down the entire English site...)

Meanwhile, IGN has uploaded a video that showcases the entire "Champions of Yore 1" DLC episode here.

Originally I found it odd how the first DLC and SpotPass content was released before the game was, but I guess it allows for the gaming press to check out the content early. If so, then that's mighty clever!

English voice actors revealed + official class chart (1st February 2013)

The full English voice cast for Fire Emblem: Awakening can be found here. I'm not sure if I should be saying this, but infamous GameFAQs poster Marth Koopa has finally redeemed himself!

By the way, if you can't find a particular character, you're not imagining things; for some strange reason, some characters are simply missing from the credits.

(Click image to open Facebook page)

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America has posted a pretty chart detailing some of the classes from the game on their Nintendo 3DS Facebook page. Two more are promised soon.

DLC and SpotPass out now (31st January 2013)

The game's not officially out yet, but the first DLC and SpotPass content is already available today!

On the DLC side, we have Champions of Yore 1, which sees Chrom do battle against heroines from previous Fire Emblem titles. Upon completion of the mission, players will recruit Pr. Marth, of the Lodestar class. (Presumably "Pr." stands for "Prince", which is a bit odd since DLC Marth was just "Marth" in the Japanese version...)

As for SpotPass, players can look forward to 10 SpotPass Teams featuring characters from Fire Emblem (GBA) (and, yes, you can recruit all of them!) and two extra Double Duel challengers: Virion's Archest and Lon'qu's Blades. Japanese players received the Genealogy of the Holy War 1st Gen. set first, so evidently Western players will be receiving the teams in a different order (and hopefully no teams were cut!).

StreetPass puzzle + new names + character spotlight 19 (31st January 2013)

North American 3DS owners may be pleased to know that the Fire Emblem: Awakening puzzle is now available in Puzzle Swap (requires SpotPass data).

Meanwhile, fans who picked up the game early on Tuesday have discovered the new (or old) names for the children and some legacy Fire Emblem weapons. Thanks to everyone who shared their discoveries!

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Owain Loran/Laurent
Inigo Noire
Brady n_n/Nn
Kjelle Balmunk/Balmunc Balmung
Cynthia Gungnir Gungnir
Severa Swanchika Helswath
Gerome Ichaival/Ichii-bal Yewfelle
Yarne Falaflame Valflame

Finally, on the character spotlight front, we have...

(Click image to enlarge)


"An upright and dignified princess from the Chon’sin dynasty. Her old fashioned mannerisms set her apart from the other Ylisseans." (Source)

Canadian street date restored + reviews + spotlight 18 (30th January 2013)

Just yesterday, a bunch of Canadian Fire Emblem fans managed to snag a copy of Awakening early, after several retailers broke the street date.

However, according to some fans who tried to purchase the game today, retailers are no longer selling the game until 4th February; apparently the early release was done in error (gasp!) and Nintendo may have contacted retailers, telling them to stick to the official release date.

Meanwhile, the gaming sites are starting to publish their reviews of the game--you can find a list of them here (special thanks to forum members). Currently, there are nothing but great scores for the game : )

Finally, in case you missed it, the latest character to be spotlighted is...

(Click image to enlarge)


"A wyvern rider. She is raised on simple values and loves to cook and sew." (Source)

Game out now in Canada + character progression video (29th January 2013)

The game's officially released next week, but according to many fans, some Canadian retailers--apparently starting with EB Games--have broken the street date and are selling Fire Emblem: Awakening NOW.

On the subject of things being broken, you may notice this site--Serenes Forest--was down for several hours. I've been told the hard drive broke down; it's an issue that's not too difficult to fix, but requires hours to restore the site from the backups.

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America has uploaded a "Character Progression" video, which details the Level up, Class-change and Skills systems.

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Lucky 7
Lucky Seven
Sword Slayer
Magic Cry
Rally Magic
Ride Fast
Magic Expert
Hot Start
Quick Burn

DLC first details + character spotlight 17 (27th January 2013)

Best Buy is advertising a free DLC map as a special offer when buying Fire Emblem: Awakening. Before you scratch your head, wondering whether to move your pre-order, the free DLC map is almost definitely the same limited-time free DLC mentioned by Nintendo of America earlier in the year, which will be available to everyone.

According to the offer, the DLC map is named "Champion of Yore 1" and allows you to recruit Marth: this would match perfectly with Japan's limited-time free DLC "Spirit Talisman 1".

Meanwhile, though the majority of the characters have been revealed at the official site, the character spotlights continue. Hopefully we'll get some more official art, for the characters who don't have it on the official site!

(Click image to enlarge)


"A mopey Plegian dark mage with a jealous streak, Tharja usually keeps to herself chanting disturbing hexes." (Source)

Fire Emblem: Awakening Original Soundtrack (26th January 2013)

Another "at last" moment today! At long last, Fire Emblem: Awakening will be receiving the original soundtrack treatment come 27th March 2013.

(Image from the Musical Selections CD)

According to a product listing at Rakuten, the soundtrack contains a whopping 5 disks: the first 4 disks include 92 tracks, while the last one is a special data disk featuring the character voices and other things. The soundtrack is presented in a high quality 3-panel digipak, adorned with illustrations by Yusuke Kozaki and includes a 24 page booklet. It will cost 3,980 Yen, which is about 44 USD or 28 GBP.

And now the cycle is complete. Although I guess an anime couldn't hurt...

Full official site + Japanese download + spotlight 16 (25th January 2013)

At last the full Fire Emblem: Awakening official site is now up! You may notice it's based on the Japanese site.

(Click image to load site)

Some observant fans have noticed there are some extra character pages for Walhart, Tiki, Say'ri and Validar, which you can access by fiddling with the number in the URL.

Also, is it me or did they change some of the characters' peculiar traits? E.g. Tharja is now the person with the "darkest thoughts" instead of the "best body".

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Valhart/Valhalt Walhart

Meanwhile, Japanese fans can finally purchase the download version of Awakening from 30th January 2013. So even though the download version was announced for North America first, Japan still ends up getting it first X D

Finally, the latest character in the spotlight is Awakening's "Catria"...

(Click image to enlarge)


"An Ylissean Pegasus knight who has been friends with Sumia since childhood." (Source)

The first English Awakening marriage? (24th January 2013)

Well, the first to be recorded and posted online maybe!

(Click image to enlarge)

It's no secret that Eric from Tiny Catridge is a massive fan of Sully. After much struggle, his courting of Sully has reached the final stage. Will it end with tears of joy or sorrow? Find out here!

New game announcement + character spotlight 15 (23rd January 2013)

This isn't really anything to do with Awakening, but I figured I should mention this here too.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was just announced at Nintendo's Wii U Direct presentation. Chrom and Marth from Awakening were among the characters shown from the Fire Emblem side.

Meanwhile, the latest character to be spotlighted is...

(Click image to enlarge)


"He is a cool and capable Ylissean the (sic.) thief who will take any job for the right price. He’s also absolutely obsessed with sweets." (Source)

I'm glad to see they're using the official artwork again, but for how long?!

Class reel + Nintendo Force article + spotlight 14 (22nd January 2013)

Nintendo of America has unleashed a new trailer, which details several of the classes from the game.

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Griffon Knight Griffon Rider
Grandmaster Grandmaster Dark Knight Dark Knight
Trickster Trickster Battle Monk War Monk
Dark Pegasus Dark Flier Battle Cleric War Cleric
Dracoknight Wyvern Rider Villager Villager
Dragonmaster Wyvern Lord Taguel Taguel

Additionally, the first issue of the Nintendo Force magazine features Fire Emblem: Awakening as its cover story and includes a review of the game (thanks to Wheels for the images). According to the review, the DLC will be divided into two categories: "Another World Stories" and "Classic Maps", which are presumably the "Path of a Grandmaster" and "Other-world Talismans" categories from the Japanese version.

Finally, in case you haven't been keeping up, yesterday's character spotlight was...

(Click image to enlarge)


"A nationless shape-shifter and the last of the taguel, a race that can communicate with animals." (Source)

Chapter 4 video + TV commercial + spotlight 13 (21st January 2013)

Hungry for more English gameplay footage? Then look no further, because GameXplain has uploaded a new video that covers Chapter 4 in its entirety.

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Mariabel/Mariabell Maribelle
Gangrel Gangrel
Hidden Falchion Parallel Falchion

Meanwhile, Nintendo of America has revealed the TV commercial for Awakening, which briefly contains spoilers.

(Click right image to enlarge)

It's nice that Nintendo's dead serious about pushing the game, what with the eShop demo, 3DS hardware bundle, limited edition character artbook, character spotlights and now this TV commercial!

Finally, in case you missed it, the latest character to be spotlighted is...


"A villager from a remote corner of Ylisse, Donnel came to the fight with just his farming experience but he is eager to learn and shows a great deal of promise." (Source)

Demo out + new names + spotlight 12 (17th January 2013)

Okay, now the demo is definitely out!

According to fans, the demo contains 2 chapters: Prologue and Chapter 1. So not a lot of content, but still pretty fair.

Hardcore fans will probably be interested in farming the event tiles in Chapter 1; especially because the items found there reveal what official names some legacy characters now have...

Thanks to Shadow Stalker X and many other fans for compiling the new names!

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Katarina Katarina
Seliph Cellica Celica
Chris Kris
Sigurd Sigurd Gimle/Gimurei
Inverse Aversa
Wolt Wolt Gaia/Guire Gaius

Update: The character spotlights continue with...

(Click image to enlarge)


"A swordsman raised in Regna Ferox. He’s usually cool and curt with most people." (Source)

Yay, it's the return of the official artwork!

Demo out today + first 20 minutes (17th January 2013)

At the time of writing the free demo isn't actually available from the North American eShop yet, but its release shouldn't be too far off.

In any case, if you're itching to know what the first 20 minutes of the game is like (in English to boot), you can check out this video from GameXplain.

Meanwhile I think I'll go cry in a corner while everyone plays the demo. Nah, just kidding; I'll probably go back to updating the Awakening pages on the site.

Update: Have some (sorta) new screenshots courtesy of Nintendo of America!

Lon'qu vs. Valmese

Chrom battles Marth

Sumia vs. Unknown

Sumia vs. Plegian

Sumia saves Chrom

Outrealm Gate

Avatar and Chrom

Building your army (16th January 2013)

Nintendo of America has uploaded a new trailer, teaching players how to build an army. If you were around a year ago, you might notice it's based on the Japanese trailers, which is very cool in my book!

SF/Japanese name NOA name SF/Japanese name NOA name
Grego Gregor Richt/Licht Ricken
Olivia/Olivie Olivia Holy Kingdom of Iris Halidom of Ylisse
Dual Attack Dual Strike
Dual Guard Support Block *

* According to the promotional materials; Dual Guard in the actual game.

A reminder + various (re)confirmations (16th January 2013)

North American fans, don't forget: the Fire Emblem: Awakening free demo will be available from the Nintendo 3DS eShop tomorrow!

I honestly don't know if Canadian gamers will have access to the demo, but I do know they will be able to purchase the Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle.

"In Canada, the [...] hardware bundle launches exclusively at Best Buy and Future Shop on Feb. 4! The bundle will be available online and in-store at a retail price of $199.99." (Source)

Finally, in case Destuctoid's report about Awakening having dual audio wasn't convincing enough (or you missed it), Siliconera has reported the same thing.

Oh, actually, I should mention that members of the press are starting to receive review copies of Awakening, so if you're hungry for info, keep your eyes peeled!

Download size + character spotlight 11 (15th January 2013)

In a twitter post, Rich from IGN reveals that the download version of Fire Emblem: Awakening takes up 8579 blocks of space (around 1GB). That makes it one of the largest Nintendo 3DS games that can downloaded from the eShop when it releases.

Meanwhile, today's character spotlight, courtesy of Nintendo of America...

(Click image to enlarge)

...is Sumia:

"A klutzy Shepherd with a lack of self-worth. She has a talent for working with animals." (Source)

Oh dear, what happened to the official artwork this time?

Nintendo 3DS bundle update (14th January 2013)

Nintendo of America promised more details about the limited edition Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS bundle soon; well, here are some more details!

"The Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle launches on Feb. 4! You’ll get a Nintendo 3DS emblazoned with Fire Emblem artwork, the game pre-installed on the hardware and a 4GB SD memory card. The bundle will be available at a suggested retail price of $199.99." (Source)

(Click image to enlarge)

Now we just need to know where to buy it from, huh?

Massive images courtesy of Nintendo below:

Nintendo 3DS

Bundle packaging

Character spotlight 10 + a little bonus (13th January 2013)

Hmm, I could have sworn there was a character spotlight today. Oh well...

(Click image to enlarge)


"He is a Shepherd whose infamous lack of presence makes him seem invisible to others." (Source)

I can't exactly leave this news entry empty, so um...

If you've been checking out certain sites, you may have seen web adverts for Awakening pop up recently. Fans who don't live in North America or Canada might not see them though. However, thanks to Sirius, I've copied the ads and you can view them here.

Nintendo 3DS bundle + character spotlight 9 (11th January 2013)

"Fire Emblem fans in the US and Canada get excited! We have an awesome Fire Emblem Awakening Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle coming your way. Stay tuned for more details." (Source)

You heard them.

(Click image to enlarge)

Also, I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo of America is planning to spotlight every character before the game's release!

(Click image to enlarge)

Miriel's turn today:

"A Shepherd who adores her research and obsesses over her studies. She’s quiet and organized but can be tough towards people who are careless." (Source)

Finally, the official site now mentions the limited edition character art book and includes a small preview image (shown above).

Nintendo 3DS bundle hitting North America (10th January 2013)

(Click image to enlarge)

Just in case the free demo wasn't exciting enough for you, Nintendo of America has raised the stakes: the Fire Emblem: Awakening Nintendo 3DS hardware bundle has been confirmed for North America. This news originates from a full page advertisement in the latest February issue of Game Informer; according to the ad, the bundle will be available from "participating retailers, while supplies last".

Image courtesy of GoNintendo (at the time of writing, the image is filed as a "rumour", but it's been confirmed by multiple fans).

Nintendo of Europe, please don't disappoint us!!!

North American press release + spotlight 8 (10th January 2013)

Hold the presses! Nintendo of America has issued a press release, which reveals Fire Emblem: Awakening will be receiving a free demo on the Nintendo 3DS eShop come 17th January and confirms that the game will be receiving an eShop download version, as reported earlier (thanks to Jave for spotting this).

Otherwise, the press release mainly explains Awakening's diverse range of communication functions; just like during the Japanese release, players can obtain the first DLC map for free for a limited period. There are also a number of artwork and English screenshots, which you can find at the bottom of this news entry.

Die-hard fans unafraid of spoilers might like the "StreetPass Team" screenshot : )

In related news, you can also find a preview at Destructoid, which reveals the game will be dual audio, containing both an English and Japanese voice track.

(Click image to enlarge)

...And finally, it's Vaike time!

"A Shepherd who considers himself Chrom’s rival, Vaike has a loud personality and more confidence than his ability warrants." (Source)

English logo

English boxart


Sully (art)

Sully (portrait)


Epic battle

Marth appears

Avatar creation

Chrom's stats

Kellam's stats

World map

StreetPass Team


Plegian battle

Stahl vs. Plegian

Limited edition artbook update (9th January 2013)

Back in late 2012, it was reported that GameStop would be offered a limited edition bonus "character artbook" while supplies last.

Recently, GameStop added a sneak preview of the artbook (well, a single tiny image), shown above. Thanks to chromnom for the heads up!

In case you were wondering, the "character artbook" is not the Knights of Iris book that was released in Japan recently (as if you'd be getting a 320 page artbook for free...). However, it's now clear that the bonus artbook will be using material from it, which is very nice.

Canadian fans can also rejoice as EBGames will be offering the same bonus.

Character spotlight 7 (8th January 2013)

Whoa, these are coming thick and fast. And here I thought Nintendo would take a break with the announcement of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y!

(Click image to enlarge)

Today's Stahl:

"A Shepherd with a big heart and a good head on his shoulders. He is very attentive and kind to others." (Source)

Unlike the previous character spotlight, it seems Nintendo of America managed to sneak some of the newer official artworks from Nintendo of Japan's headquarters. Awesome!

Character spotlight 6 + a little bonus (7th January 2013)

Yikes, I almost can't keep up with Nintendo of America's character spotlights.

(Click image to enlarge)

Yesterday was Sully:

"A no-nonsense, capable Shepherd who is admired by the other Ylissean women for her strength." (Source)

For some reason, we only get to see Sully's character portrait and not her official artwork; did Nintendo of Japan neglect to give their American partner the goods..?

Also, since I was bored, have some screen captures from earlier trailers!

English logo

English boxart

English eShop entry + character spotlight 5 (4th January 2013)

If you enter the North American or European Nintendo 3DS eShop and search for "Fire Emblem", you may come across a currently unfinished eShop entry for Fire Emblem: Awakening.

(Click images to enlarge)

Unfortunately, I can't connect my 3DS online to confirm the details, but according to Jave and Karaszure:

...And following on from yesterday, we have another character spotlight; this time for Emmeryn (in the right-hand image):

"The holy ruler of Ylisse and Chrom’s older sister. She is gentle and kind and believes in peaceful negotiation even when her kingdom is threatened by the Plegia invasion." (Source)

English character spotlight 4 (3rd January 2013)

Nintendo of America's character spotlight continues with the enigmatic Marth:

"Appearing in Fire Emblem Awakening as a masked knight, Marth carries the legendary Falchion sword and appears out of nowhere to save Chrom and the other Shepherds." (Source)

(Click image to enlarge)

You can also find a short teaser trailer, showcasing some of the in-game movies (nothing you likely haven't seen before), at their Youtube channel.