Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Skills list

Credits: Pegasus Knight, ChinaFE, Wonder Egg

Standard Skills

Icon Name Effect Activation Characters Cap
Nihil Negates enemy's battle Skills
- Calill, Nasir 15
Vantage Aways attack first - Mia, Naesala 10
Adept Activates a second attack (or pair of attacks if a Brave weapon is equipped)
(Skill)% Soren, Zihark 10
Wrath When HP is under half, critical rate increases by 50% - Nephenee 10
Miracle Lethal damage is reduced to half of user's current HP (Luck)% Mist, Ena 5
Resolve When HP is under half, Strength, Skill and Speed are multiplied by 1.5 - Tauroneo 10
Counter When damaged, returns half damage to the opponent (Skill/2)% Titania 10
Guard During a successful hit, negates the enemy's following attacks
(Skill)% Haar 10
Corrode Reduces enemy's weapon usage by user's Level (+20 if promoted) / 4 (rounded up)
(Skill)% Bastian 10
Parity Negates both the player and enemy's support and terrain bonuses, as well as battle Skills
- Lucia
Gamble When used, accuracy is halved in exchange for double critical rate - Kieran 10
Smite Increases the effect of the "Shove" command to 2 tiles instead of 1 - Mordecai 10
Celerity Movement +2 - Tormod 15
Tempest Doubles Biorhythm bonuses - Boyd, Makalov 5
Serenity Halves Biorhythm bonuses - Rhys, Devdan 5
Provoke Makes user more likely to be attacked by the enemy - Shinon 5
Shade Makes user less likely to be attacked by the enemy - Ilyana, Volke 5
Renewal At the beginning of each turn, user recovers HP equal to 1/10 of their Max HP - Elincia, Ena 15
Saviour When carrying an unit, Skill and Speed aren't reduced - Tibarn 10
Paragon User gains double experience - Astrid, Geoffrey 15
Reinforce User can call 3 NPC units to help (can only be used twice per chapter) - Tanith 15
Blossom User gains 2/3 exp, but growth rates are increased *
- Sothe 15
Canto User can restore movement to 1 ally. As a Heron, user can restore movement to a maximum of 4 allies - Reyson 20
Insight Accuracy +20, cannot be removed
- Janaff 0
Vigilance Avoid +20, cannot be removed
- Ulki 0
Daunt Enemies within a 3 square radius of the user have their accuracy and critical rate reduced by 5 points each
- - 10
Mantle User receives no damage from enemy attacks, negates enemy's critical attacks
- -
Discipline User does reduced damage to enemies - - 0
Iron Wall
Lumina Class skill: User can equip Light magic (weapon level is shared with Staves)
- Bishops 0
Knife Class skill: User can equip Knives - Thieves, Assassins, certain Sages 0
Steal Class skill: User can steal unequipped weapons and items from the enemy (as long as user's Speed > enemy's Speed and user's Strength > weapon's Weight) - Thieves, Assassins (Personal skill for certain enemy Ravens)

* In Fixed mode, only 90 Growth points are required to gain a stat, while in Random mode, if a stat fails to increase, a second Random Number is rolled to allow a second chance for that stat to increase.

Mastery Skills

Icon Name Effect Activation Class Cap
Aether Activates a Sol effect attack followed by a Luna effect attack
(Skill)% Lord, Hero 20
Stun Makes the enemy unable to move for two turns (Skill/2)% Wyvern Lord, Falcon Knight, Princess Crimea 20
Flare Halves the enemy's magical defence (Skill)% Sage, Bishop 20
Sol Recover HP equal to damage done to enemy (Skill)% Paladin, Valkyrie 20
Astra Activates a 5 hit attack that does half the normal damage per hit (Skill/2)% Swordmaster 20
Luna Halves the enemy's physical/magical defence (Skill)% Halberdier, General
Colossus If user's Con > enemy's Con, multiplies Strength by 1.25
(Skill)% Warrior, Berserker 20
Deadeye Always doubles accuracy. May send the enemy to sleep (Skill/2)% Sniper 20
Lethality If the character scores a critical hit, KOs the enemy instantly. Ineffective against certain characters 50% Assassin 20
Roar When used, causes the enemy to be without movement for one turn. Ineffective against certain characters - Beast tribe 20
Cancel Negates damage done to the user
(Skill)% Bird tribe (Hawk) 20
Vortex User can do 1~2 ranged wind magic damage to enemy - Bird tribe (Raven) 20
Blessing Units adjacent to the user restore HP (equal to user's Magic) at the beginning of the turn
- Bird tribe (Heron) 20
Boon Restores status condition of units adjacent to the user at the beginning of the turn
- Dragon tribe 20

(Last updated: 16th December 2012)