Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Support conversations- Largo and Mia

C Support

Mia: Wow! Look at the arms on that one!
Largo: Hmmm? My arms?
Mia: They're huge! By the way, I'm Mia. I'm a myrmidon searching for a sworn rival. Do you want to spar?
Largo: Spar? With you? Ummm... I don't know.
Mia: What do you mean you don't know?
Largo: I'm not sure how I feel about sparring with a girl.
Mia: But I'm a dangerous myrmidon! A graceful whirlwind of singing steel!
Largo: I don't know how to put this, but... shouldn't you be doing something more domestic than fighting with a sword? I don't know...maybe knitting? Or cooking? I guess you could learn to be a mage...
Mia: ...For your personal safety, I hope you aren't saying that I can't fight because I'm a woman.
Largo: Well...
Mia: All right, you brought this on yourself! Get ready to fight!
Largo: Uhhh... I was only saying that people need to be more peaceful. Yeah...that's it. Hey, I've got an idea! Let's see who can knit better.
Mia: Enough talk! Time to fight!

B Support

Mia: Hey, Largo!
Largo: Oh, it's you again. Hey, um.... Sorry about, you know, what I said the other day. My arms and legs are sorry, too. Oh...the bruises...
Mia: Don't worry about it. But you know why I'm here!
Largo: Huh? Why?! Please don't hurt me!
Mia: What else? I came here to get more sparring practice! I'm always in search of my true nemesis!
Largo: You want to fight again? I know you like to spar, but this is crazy!
Mia: So you're saying I can't win again because I'm a woman?
Largo: What?! No! No no! Noooooo! I didn't say that. I don't want to spar you!
Mia: I know exactly what you meant! Well, prepare to feel the wrath of my training sword again! And if that doesn't teach you, we'll train some more tomorrow!
Largo: Whoa...this is all a misunderstanding! You can't expect me to fight you again. Look at these bruises!
Mia: You should have thought about that before spouting off about male superiority again. Get your axe ready!
Largo: But I didn't say anything!! Oooh, all right. I'm going to be sore tomorrow...
Mia: Hah! I'll go easy on you!

A Support

Mia: You fought...hard...that time! Who do you think won?
Largo: It was close, but I think you beat me again.
Mia: Are you sure?
Largo: Yep. I'm bushed.
Mia: You didn't go easy on me because I'm a woman, did you?
Largo: Not at all. It's just that I'm no match for that sword arm of yours.
Mia: ...Ooooh, boy... I'm beat! I think I'll go grab some sleep.
Largo: Wait.... I know you're tired, but can I ask you one question?
Mia: Sure.
Largo: Why push yourself so hard?
Mia: Because I've been told too many times that a sword doesn't belong in the hands of a woman. I've got something to prove.
Largo: Oh...I get it.
Mia: I understand if I lose to someone with better technique. When that happens, I can always hone my skills and work on getting more combat experience. If I lose, it's not because I'm a woman. It's because someone trained harder than me. And if that happens, I'll hone my skills and come back to beat them.
Largo: Ahhh... Now I understand how you clobbered me so badly! But I can't just lick my wounds. I'll have to take your advice, get back to practice, and challenge you again one day.
Mia: When?
Largo: Huh?
Mia: You said you wanted a rematch. When do you want to do it? You want a chance to redeem yourself, right?
Largo: Bwaaa ha haaaa! I'm impressed, kid! I'll just have to keep fighting you until I win!
Mia: I'll take you on anytime, Largo!