Common misconceptions

At the end of Path of Radiance, Rajaion died.

While it was not directly stated, it was heavily implied that he died. However, I think it was less clear in the English version, and thus some people believed that he survived.

Taken from the final chapter script:

Ena: Ra...Rajai...on...
Rajaion: Err...aah...
Ena: ...Rajaion? D-do you know who I am?
Rajaion: ...E... Ena?
Ena: Yes... Yes! You recognize me!
Rajaion: You were made...to suffer...because of me... I'm sorry
Ena: ...Sniff... Rajaion! Rajaion! Oh, Rajaion...
Rajaion: ...Ena... Let's return to Goldoa. The two of us...together.
Ena: I will go anywhere, my love, as long as it is with you.
Rajaion: Ena...from this day forward... Forever... ...
[Rajaion's portrait vanishes]
Ena: ... Sniff......sniff... Ah, Rajaion...

Although Rajaion was brought back to his human form, he could not be completely saved. When he speaks there are many ellipses (more in the Japanese version) and he makes many pauses (not shown here). Also his last words, his portrait vanishing and Ena crying strongly imply that he died.

Also in the Epilogue:

(Nasir present)
Ena: Yes. We must take Rajaion back to his hometown.

(Nasir not present)
Ena: Yes. I must help Rajaion return to his hometown.

Although Ena seems to contradict herself, it is implied that she is going to take Rajaion's dead body back home. Why else would they return him home (other than he hasn't been back for ages)?

Finally, solid proof in Radiant Dawn. At one point, Kurthnaga discusses with Ike about his brother, Rajaion:

Kurthnaga: Lord Ike, you attended my brother's last moments. Please tell me... My brother's death... Was it truly... peaceful?
Ike: His body was warped by King Daein, but he returned to normal thanks to Reyson's galldr....When Rajaion returned to human form, he rested in the arms of Ena and smiled... Before falling into a deep sleep.
(Translated from the Japanese version)

If this sounds familiar then it should- Ike is explaining what happened at the end of Path of Radiance.

Hopefully this should clear some things up, and provide some proof beyond the character relationship chart. I assume some people already suspected that Rajaion died in Path of Radiance, but I still encountered quite a number of people who believe he survived.